Universal's Support Status for Microsoft Products

As modern employees, we've seen our computer boot up so many times that the windows operating system image has become just like the piracy warning at the beginning of a movie.... something you ignore while you look at your phone.



Next time you do a restart, watch for the Microsoft version your PC is running and CONTACT your IT Staff if it's Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows 7.


Why? Because those are unsupported versions of Microsoft with Universal- and you are no longer having the best HDMS experience!

Many of the new HDMS features may not function or perform as intended on unsupported versions of MS OS and MSSQL. Any tickets reported will not be investigated if the issue is found to be a result of an unsupported version.

We strive to ensure that our new development is leveraging the current Microsoft technologies and giving our clients the best user experience available.


Reference Materials on this topic can be found here:

Looking to upgrade? We currently recommend moving to the minimums listed below:

Desktop OS = Windows 10

Server OS = 2016+

MSSQL = 2016+