Specialty Medical Equipment

Specialty Medical Equipment Software

a person wearing a white coat working on the computer in]]at a medical clinicWhile medical technology has no doubt improved care for patients, healthcare organizations and professionals are still burdened with tighter profit margins and more responsibilities when it comes to managing specialty medical equipment.

The right software companion helps healthcare providers solve these problems, and more – whether it’s improving customer service, workflows, or visibility of assets.

At Universal Software Solutions, we’ve helped organizations both large and small leverage their specialty medical equipment properly and automate tasks. Our companion allows for advanced or life-supporting equipment management - like custom assistive technology devices and ventilators. Providers of assistive technology and/or complex mobility devices are working with high dollar items with narrow margins, and all time is money. Many of our clients are also providers of cutting-edge pediatric care in children’s hospitals.   

Just as profits and patient outcomes are important for healthcare providers, increased data security and compliance is also a key performance indicator in many instances. Because of constant changes in HIPAA regulations and compliance, our software is designed to improve your ability to remain compliant. 

Features of Universal’s Equipment Management Software 

Designing custom Clinical Assessments is a standard part of Universal Software’s companion. Create unlimited questions, with savvy answer formats like a multi-option checklist and dependent questions. This gives specialty equipment providers freedom to create clinical assessment templates, with as many variations as are needed to master this complex product line. Next, the Complex Items & Rehab companion eliminates the redundancies that exist with other products, allowing professionals to build one parts list and automatically create any Prior Authorizations, Medical Documents, Purchase Orders, Patient Estimates, or Work Orders. 

Here are a few of the features when you partner with Universal Software and implement our specialty equipment software:

  • Schedule equipment maintenance, sterilization, and/or replacement 
  • Add new, or view existing, patient demographics
  • Document equipment down-time and causes
  • Manage inventory at multiple locations
  • Access all medical documentation 
  • View all orders in process & historical orders 
  • Dig into insurance pay & private pay financials 
  • Manage appointments for clinical staff in one calendar over all locations
  • Over 150 standard reports 
  • Ad Hoc Report Builder companion allows you to build custom reports on demand 
  • Auto-hold claims based on your payer rules 

During the implementation period of your Universal Software solution, we’re sensitive to your daily operations. That’s why we’ve designed our software as a “plug-in” companion, in-that it complements your existing systems, all with minimal disruption or downtime. We also become your technology partner as your organizations grows and expands, adds new locations, and makes personnel changes.

Our decades of experience working with our clients and listening to their concerns helps position us as your long-term partner. Learn how Universal can enhance your operations by scheduling your on-site demonstration today!

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