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Key Features:

  • Allows organizations to pass information into our database
  • Allows organizations to extract information out of our database

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Resources for Easier Implementation

Utilizing our API Toolkit can help streamline the integration of your software companion.

Did you invest in building a custom front end solution that is tailor made to your unique business needs? Whether it be to push accounts, orders, referrals, or medical documentation into the HDMS Database, our API toolkit is the solution. Using HDMS as a front to back solution may not be the right fit for all Providers. Continue to use your tools, plug HDMS in where you need it.

The HDMS API Toolkit validates all data before updating or inserting to the database. This provides your development team a mechanism to connect to the HDMS database without fear of data loss or corruption.

Many providers also use the API Toolkit to retrieve information from the HDMS Database for interoperability. Pull metrics and outcomes from your HDMS Database for use in your custom sales commission software or business intelligence platforms.


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