Home Medical Supplies

Software for Home Medical Supply Organizations

closeup of home medical suppliesThanks to advances in medical technology and treatments, more patients are able to live at home with once fatal, or debilitating, ailments.

This improved level of care has expanded the home medical supply industry and opened-up new opportunities for organizations who continue to evolve their software capabilities. 

Whether your organization is established or in its infancy, and anywhere in-between – your mission-critical processes rely heavily on your software platform. Breakdowns anywhere in the billing, inventory, or fulfillment cycles can prevent you from delivering home medical supplies on-time and to patients at the right location. These problems not only tarnish the reputation of your organization, but they also prevent critical medical supplies from reaching patients who may rely on them for survival. 

Using Data to Streamline Operations & Workflows

At Universal Software Solutions, many of our clients are providers of mail order supplies around the world - like diabetic testing, incontinence, wound, ostomy, and urological supplies. Our experience in those processes, along with many others, enables us to provide companion software that streamlines business workflows and helps you manage leaner operations.

Here are some of the benefits that our clients see through our home healthcare specialty software:

  • Understanding patient preferences and needs
  • Easily route deliveries with delivery zones & load balancing
  • Real-time transparency with mobile delivery fleet
  • Improve data security
  • Achieve compliance with HIPAA regulations
  • Customized reporting
  • Measure costs, revenue, and key performance indicators

Universal Software’s experts can sit-down with you on-site and illustrate how our software companion can integrate with your existing platform. This customized approach allows you to target what areas you’re looking to improve. From enhancing the accuracy of billing that improves your organization’s bottom-line to scheduling follow-up calls with your clients, your key processes can be optimized, or additional functionality can be added. Our solution also allows you to bill either the NCPDP or ANSI X12 Professional type transactions, depending on the patient’s benefit type. 

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