Infusion Pharmacy

Infusion Pharmacy Software

a pharmacy technician assists a patientOver 3.2 Million patients rely on Home Infusion annually.

Who are you relying on?

Our solution allows your closed door pharmacy technicians to manage infusion therapy services in one easy order screen, which increases the experience of your staff and customers. 

HDMS is compatible with all Baxter Machines, allowing technicians to send compound orders to your compounding machines after reviewing your custom compound & mixing direction templates. Compound and RX Filling history is captured in a robust database for reporting needed for compliance and utilization review.

Benefits of HDMS Pharmacy Companion

Providers of  infusion drugs and compound/TPN are able to use our solution to realize complete interoperability between drug and device. Whether using home mix or pre-mix infusion therapies, create one work order for both drugs and the devices used to administer them. Using HDMS Compound & TPN templates, pharmacy technicians have the ability to design their frequently used solutions as well as adjudicating the claim and scheduling for delivery all from one screen.

Our Infusion Pharmacy users site the following favorite features:

  • One system capable of adjudicating both Pharmacy & Medical benefits
  • Perform test adjudications with automatic reversals
  • System automatically builds claim, still fully editable prior to adjudication
  • Build custom Compound templates
  • Built in TPN calculator
  • Calculation warning thresholds for neonatal, pediatric, adult & geriatric patients
  • Electronic Prescriptions flow right into HDMS
  • Create Compound, TPN, or Factor prescriptions in the same screen as single-use drugs or HME Supplies
  • Custom clinical documentation builder
  • Categorize and report on patients by therapy type

While transitioning to your Universal Software companion, our experts are mindful of your current day-to-day tasks. Our integration process is similar to “plug-and-play”, in-that it can fit with your current platform. This minimizes downtime and keeps your staff productive. 

Our decades of experience working with our clients and listening to their concerns helps position us as your long-term partner. Learn how Universal can enhance your operations by scheduling your on-site demonstration today!

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