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Home - Universal Software Solutions - logo-hdmsOur HDMS Billing Management System encompasses a wide range of tools, from Customer Service and Inventory Control, to an A/R Manager that can assist you with claim submissions. And, if you’re a supplier dispensing Home IV Drugs, the HDMS system can accommodate your needs as well. One of our imaging partners will provide you with a specialized set of imaging tools to scan, store, and process all your business documents.

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Home - Universal Software Solutions - logo-stowpointOur cloud-based storage makes storing, sharing, and accessing digital files safe, easy, and affordable. StowPoint not only houses PDF files but also video and audio files along with other digital files important to patient care or business operations. This flexible and universal application can be used by both Healthcare and Non-Healthcare Providers, as a companion to our HDMS software, or as a stand-alone product.

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