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Home Infusion Pharmacy Software | Universal Software - human-healthWhether you’re managing a single pharmacy or multiple locations, streamlining your workflow is always becoming more cumbersome in-part to changing insurance laws, compliance mandates, and competitors.

Thankfully, many of the tasks that distract your staff from accomplishing mission-critical goals can be automated with the right software for your home infusion pharmacy.

Whether solving a billing issue, providing accurate reporting to decision makers, or any other number of clinical duties – data-driven processes depend on your organization’s software. By reliably automating those tasks, you and your staff will have more time to spend on revenue-generating workflows that require more personalized attention. 

Benefits of Integrating Universal Software’s Pharmacy Companion

Providers of home infusion drugs and compound/TPN are able to use Universal Software’s companion to realize complete interoperability between drug and device. Whether using home mix or pre-mix infusion therapies, providers can create one work order for both drugs and the devices used to administer them. Using HDMS Compound & TPN templates, Providers have the ability to design their frequently used solutions as well as adjudicating the claim and scheduling for delivery.

Here are a few of the features when you partner with Universal Software and implement our pharmacy management software:

  • Quick access Point of Sale screen
  • Manage inventory at multiple locations
  • Understanding patient preferences and needs
  • Reduced Delivery Errors
  • Easily route deliveries with delivery zones & load balancing
  • Real-time transparency with mobile delivery fleet
  • Improve data security
  • Achieve compliance with HIPAA regulations
  • Customized reporting
  • Measure costs, revenue, and key performance indicators
  • Barcode reader & cash drawer compatible
  • Sell & Exchange in one easy to use spot
  • Integration with CC Processing

While transitioning to your Universal Software companion, our experts are mindful of your current day-to-day tasks. Our integration process is similar to “plug-and-play”, in-that it can fit with your current platform. This minimizes downtime and keeps your staff productive. 

Our decades of experience working with our clients and listening to their concerns helps position us as your long-term partner. Learn how Universal can enhance your operations by scheduling your on-site demonstration today!

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