Durable Medical Equipment

Specialty Software for Home Durable Medical Equipment Organizations

walkers and medical equipment for patients at homeThanks to advances in medicine and healthcare technology, many of the diseases and ailments that were once fatal are becoming manageable.

Even for afflictions that are incurable to this day, patients are able to live-on with help from home durable medical equipment (DME), without leaving their home to transfer to a long-term care facility.

For example, many patients suffering from diabetic neuropathy were once not able to drive or complete basic daily activities of living. Now with specialized shoes and other forms of durable medical equipment, that same type of patient can enjoy a higher standard of living.

Challenges Facing the Home DME Industry

As insurance coverages, government regulations, and HIPPA laws all continue to change – DME organizations face an array of obstacles when connecting patients to the best devices for their situation.

Many of these barriers are related to how patient data and documentation is leveraged. This can include problems related to data retention, security, and equipment tracking. Those types of inefficiencies, amongst many others, continue to plague home DME organizations who lack the right software solutions for their document filing, management, and retrieval.

Universal Software Solutions provides both on-premise and hosted solution options for its several hundred customers all through the United States. Our software companion allows medical equipment providers to inventory, deliver, and bill ANSI X12 professional claims for rental, as well as purchase a variety of equipment – including the following devices:

  • Hospital beds
  • Nebulizers
  • Oxygen tanks and equipment
  • CPAP machines and accessories
  • Wheelchairs
  • And more!

Whether you’re a newly formed home DME provider, an established industry-leader, or somewhere in-between – your operational costs can be decreased by streamlining your systems with help from Universal.


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