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Prosthetic & Orthotic Supply Software

a man with a prosthetic leg tying his shoesAs prosthetics and orthotic devices become more advanced, they’re continually improving the lives of patients.

With those advances also comes rising equipment costs, along with greater opportunities for your organization to grow. 

Because many healthcare providers are looking for ways to better manage their prosthetic and orthotics stock, their software platform is one of the avenues targeted for improvement. From managing patient billing to scheduling routine inventory restocking, and more – there’s a wide range of mission-critical processes that can benefit from automation. This allows your staff to focus on customer relationships and other services that require a human touch.

Manage Your Inventory, Automate Billing & Other Tasks

Many of our clients are providers of off-the-shelf and custom-made prosthetic and orthotic devices like shoe inserts, bracing, and artificial limbs. The success of your organization leans heavily on patient satisfaction. With Universal Software’s healthcare companion, you can gain visibility on patient buying cycles and a range of other data points. Our healthcare software solution can help schedule equipment deliveries, notify staff when inventory runs low, and measure key performance indicators.

Along with benefits for your patients, integrating our software companion into your existing platform improves the capabilities of your staff in a variety of ways. Customized reporting adds visibility to your workflow, which in-turn helps you detect inefficiencies in an effort to make improvements to how your organization operates. 

Providers of custom prosthetic and orthotic devices who’ve partnered with Universal Software are able to easily manage appointments with Orthotists and other professionals. This allows users across all locations to exist in one appointment calendar. Integrating a calendar into the software companion allows users to pull patient information into the appointment they are setting with one click, as well as track appointment history for a more compliant experience. 

Once patients are assessed, the Complex Items & Rehab companion allows your professionals to build one parts list that’s then used to automatically create any Prior Authorizations, Medical Documents, Purchase Orders, Patient Estimates, or Work Orders. This enables you to go from parts lists to paid claims without ever leaving the computer screen!

Here are some additional benefits that our clients see through our prosthetic/orthotic supply software:

  • Understanding patient preferences and needs
  • Reduced Delivery Errors
  • Easily route deliveries with delivery zones & load balancing
  • Real-time transparency with mobile delivery fleet
  • Improve data security
  • Achieve compliance with HIPAA regulations
  • Customized reporting
  • Measure costs, revenue, and key performance indicators

Our partnership doesn’t end after integrating our software, as our team is available to answer any questions you or your staff have regarding functionality.

If you’re managing a hospital, independent supply store, or other medical supply provider, our experts can demonstrate how our software companion can lead to leaner operations. Learn how Universal Software can enhance your organization by scheduling your on-site demonstration today!

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