Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Management

A Complete Revenue Cycle Management Software Solution

Key Features:

Expect no-touch claims and respond efficiently if challenges arise, with these features:

  • Auto-hold claims based on your payer rules 
  • EDI claims transmission & receipt to all the major hosts & clearinghouses 
  • Auto-posting for no touch claim payment 
  • Paperless group workspace for denial management 

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Streamline Your Payment Cycle

Help eliminate errors and inefficiencies within your revenue cycle.

After your teams have provided excellent customer care, why should you need a large billing team? You won’t, with HDMS. Our solution will give the ability to have zero touch paid claims with auto-confirmed work orders that create revenue, electronic claims gathering, and auto-posting of responses.

If you’re not quite ready to live in a hands-free world yet, here’s how the process can be broken down...

As orders are confirmed, HDMS will check revenue against your unique billing rules to flag claims that do not meet your standards. Claims that pass billing requirements are gathered into an ANSI 837 Professional file and transmitted for payment.

Payer responses passed through the EDI gateway will be Auto-Posted. Any claims that have not been responded to or received rejection can be worked in a paperless multi-user workspace called Collections & Denial Management. Any number of users can be presented daily with an Active Worksheet of claims to status, and management can utilize operator productivity reports to gauge collection effectiveness.


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