Service Logistics

Service Logistics

Serve Your Patients YOUR Way with Delivery Logistics Software

Key Features:

HDMS is designed to deliver flexibility in the following ways:

  • Manage appointments for clinical staff in one calendar over all locations
  • Create a plan to service via walk in, home delivery, or mail order
  • Easily route deliveries with delivery zones & load balancing
  • Real-time transparency with mobile delivery fleet

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Improve Your Level of Care With Our  Delivery Logistics Software

Manage your data, and staff, the right way.

In post-acute healthcare, caring for a patient often requires visits with your clinically trained staff for things like custom prosthetics and orthotics, respiratory therapy visits or fittings, and assistive technology assessments and assembly. With HDMS Scheduler, staff can manage appointment events inside of HDMS for all professionals at any location, all in one screen!

When your patient is ready for products and services, staff will have the flexibility to create a plan for service that is going to be delivered to the home by one of your delivery techs, or drop shipped to the patient directly from a vendor via VendorLink.

Pick Up & Delivery of oxygen tanks, cash sales, insurance purchases or rental types of service can all happen in one easy order. If the patient is receiving insurance billed services at one of your retail locations, users will follow the same work flow but be able to print the work order and provide goods directly.

Our savvy Route Planner allows users to build delivery routes by requested date and zip code-based delivery zones, and leverage the set up time counter to balance the load between technicians.

Once in the field, delivery techs can enjoy our native app Mobile Driver which gives them real time updates from the home office, paperless set up, and best route directions! At the same time, the home office can expect to easily change or add to routes, as well as have complete transparency with their fleet.


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