Dreading data conversion?


We've committed 20 years to making your experience while transitioning to new software as painless as possible. 

Our primary goal is to use the existing data from your business to shortcut most of your new software set up, and working in only ONE system as quickly as possible. Patient history, order history, medical documentation history, and even AR history* can be transitioned into our solution. 

Whether you are looking at our solution because your existing software is no longer being supported, has too many pain points, or because you were on a homegrown solution that you'd like to move off of; we can handle it! We've seen it all. 

Our experienced Implementation Specialists, Data Analysts, and Software Architects will work together to make sure that your project moves on your timetable, and into a bright new future. 


Is the clock ticking down on your Pharmacy software?

Let's talk about data conversion with Universal & cross a few more decisions of your list. 


Email: and one of our Account Managers will call you directly!


*AR Conversion available in varying degrees depending on project timeline and previous solution.