Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

Technology for Your Driver, a Tool for Your Entire Team

Mobile Driver makes your drivers more productive and provides a safer driver experience:

Mobile Driver provides a safer environment with GPS-based routing and available turn-by-turn navigation. It captures electronic patient signatures, lot numbers, serial numbers and notes. If equipment needs to be exchanged for a different make or model, Mobile Driver allows this to be done very easily at the patient’s home. The service also documents the required DOT logs and helps to ensure a safer experience for your drivers.

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HDMS Mobile Driver

HDMS Mobile Driver Extends the Power of HDMS to Your Drivers and Field Technicians

Our software provides GPS-based routing and mapping of deliveries for more efficient routing and reduced fuel consumption.

HDMS Mobile Driver gives real-time patient delivery status and updates to your customer service representatives (CSR) and clinical staff. Same-day new orders and stat deliveries are sent directly to your company driver’s electronic route sheet.

Mobile Driver gives your CSRs key information all day:

Mobile Driver gives your CSRs real-time order verification, routing and status changes, and comments. In turn, they get back from the drivers real-time delivery confirmations or information on the number of attempted deliveries.

Big Savings for your DME Businesses

The Mobile Driver services reduces paperwork as there are no route sheets or driver confirmations to key in, resulting in fewer clerical errors. It will produce fuel savings with optimized routing and GPS mapping. The service will make your drivers more productive with better information in real-time. Reports can be run to show driver activity and productivity. It also provides for a safer driver experience and fuel savings.

HDMS Mobile Reports creates custom reports that clarify actionable insights.

HDMS Mobile Reports is an innovative cloud-based reporting tool that leverages the power of a data warehouse product, the HDMS Reporting Foundation, to generate reports on demand from any device connected to the internet, including a mobile smartphone or tablet.

Whether in the office or traveling, quick access to the reports and company information is available immediately. On-demand reporting allows for quick decisions to be made in a challenging and rapidly evolving HME industry.

Accessible from a HIPAA compliant Mobile Reports web interface, a growing repository of reports are available for purchase that provide a unique and sometimes specific level of reporting, above and beyond the standard reports available in HDMS. As industry and customer requirements change, additional reports are continuously being developed and added to this library of reports, making them available to all subscribers. HDMS Mobile Reports is designed as a SaaS (Software as a Service) product. Reports purchased from the library are charged a small monthly fee, as opposed to the larger upfront cost of development as with a custom built report.

HDMS Mobile Reports provides a unique collaboration with the HDMS Reporting Foundation to summarize complex database relationships into simplified tables called datasets. This technology allows for complex calculations to be completed prior to report run time, dramatically reducing processing time. Using this approach allows for traditionally resource intensive reports to be generated promptly on demand.

A purchase of HDMS Reporting Foundation would not be required for Mobile Reports to operate properly; however, if the Reporting Foundation is already installed and present, it will connect seamlessly to provide its new functionality and flexibility.

For billing services and providers using a billing service, this product option offers a tremendous amount of functionality not otherwise available. Without normally having access to an information system in your office, HDMS Mobile Reports, in conjunction with the billing service will provide quick access to many of the standard HDMS reports such as revenue management reports, patient ledgers and other statistical reports.

Your connection to HDMS Mobile Reports is already available and easy to setup.


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