Parachute Health Integration
Universal Software Solutions is proud to announce the integration of Parachute Health with HDMS!  Parachute Health now provides more functionality from better communication to providers with more visibility for providers in the ordering process for HDMS.  Please read more below:
About Parachute Health
Parachute Health is the leading post-acute software platform with a network of over 3,000 supplier locations and 220,000 eSigning MDs across 66,000 facilities in all 50 states. Parachute's modern ordering experience covering 26,000+ unique SKUs helps clinicians create clean digital orders in 3 minutes to discharge patients faster. Suppliers on the Parachute Platform gain the efficiency to process 5x more orders via digital transformation and grow their business. The Parachute Platform integrates across the entire care continuum and supply chain ecosystem - from EHRs to supplier ERPs - to provide maximum visibility and a delightfully simple ordering experience.
Here are some typical value props highlighted around API / integration:
  • Documents and Data: The Parachute Platform API sends both documents and data into ERPs for your ops team to complete billing and logistics, maintaining a single source of truth.
  • Two-Way Integration: Drives efficiency for your CSRs whether they are in the Parachute Platform or in the ERP.
  • Automation: Our integration creates patients, doctors, facilities, and sales orders within your ERP, so your CSRs don’t have to!
  • Excellent Clinician Experience: Delivery statuses automatically update so your clinicians can see the latest without having to contact your team! This visibility keeps your referrals happy, and may even cause them to send you more orders.
  • Real Time: Our integration works in real time so your systems are never out of sync and your team doesn’t have to wait for data to flow back and forth.


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