Partnership Announcement - Universal Software Solutions and VirtueScript


Universal Software Solutions and VirtueScript have partnered to help enhance software capabilities for pharmacy and HME clients. The partnership will enable HDMS to help optimize efficiencies in pharmacy shipping through VirtueScript and ShipStation.  

Single Access point for carrier information 

VirtueScript has an added integration with ShipStation. This added integration gives you the capability to see multiple carriers on a single screen giving you the ability to see the different service levels offered by those carriers. In addition to seeing each carrier's service levels, you can also see the standard rates for each of those services. If you have specific contracted rates with a carrier, this integration allows you to enter that into ShipStation so that you see rates instead of the standard rates.


·       All carriers visible at one time – Cost reduction and efficiency gains

·       Ability to compare rates – Cost savings

·       Customizable to your contracted rates – Time savings and efficiency gains

·       Smaller infrastructure needs – Cost savings


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