Patient Management

Patient Management

Provide Exemplary Care, One Patient at a Time

Key Features:

Patient-centric workspace provides total transparency in one screen:

  • Add new or view existing patient demographics 
  • Access all medical documentation 
  • View all orders in process & historical orders 
  • Dig into insurance pay & private pay financials 

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HDMS Companions Offer Complete Customization to Your HDMS Platform

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Improve Your Patients' Experiences With Our Patient Management Software

Leverage your secure data into actionable insights.

HDMS delivers the ultimate patient care tool bench with Patient Workspace. This fresh design allows users to quickly access an account and have access to everything related to the patient at their fingertips. Whether entering an existing account or starting a new patient entry, users have access to an abundance of patient details, medical documentation, orders, and financial history.

HDMS offers integrated fax solutions and can modernize workflows when HDMS is used in conjunction with StowPoint for content management. Access images, audio files, and video files from StowPoint for the account you’re working in with one click.

HDMS also boasts real time eligibility checking so that users can get benefits on demand without having to leave the software.

Streamline work assignment and communication between teams with Operator Tasks, an internal ticketing system.

Payer, Referral, Procedure Code, Documentation requirements and much more are controlled by your organization; providing a platform to easily tailor HDMS to your unique business needs. 


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