Private Pay Autoposting Module available in HDMS v3.9+

We are excited to announce that with HDMS v3.9+, a new module is available for electronic Private Payment automatic posting. This new feature will enable the electronic posting of patient payment data directly into HDMS that may have been provided from various sources. The payment files may contain either bulk payment amounts that would be applied against the oldest patient balance or an individual invoice payment. The initial release of the Private Payment Posting module will accept two formats of payment information, but the design is flexible enough to accommodate different file types in the future. The default format is a standard CSV file format with the second being a BAI- Lockbox format that is used by US Bank. Attached below is a slideshow presentation outlining the new module and it's features. Click to Download Powerpoint Presentation If you do not have powerpoint installed on your PC, you can download a free viewer off of Microsoft's website below.