Attention direct BCBSM EDI Submitters!

Hey Guys!

For those of you that use BCBSM EDI to submit claims to as one of your clearinghouses or EDI Hosts, you may have seen alerts from them that their FTP protocols are changing. 

This message is to inform you that WE ARE ON IT! As your software vendor, we will complete testing and provide you with any changes that would need to update in your  EDI Host Table. 

BCBSM has shared that your submitter ID's will not change, but that new passwords will be issued at a later date. This switchover is expected to occur January 31, 2021.


To read more for BCBSM on this topic:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Electronic Data Interchange is moving to a new SFTP platform, Edifecs, for your electronic transmissions (i.e. 837 claims, 277CA transactions/reports, 835 ERA, 999 acknowledgements, capitation reports) beginning in November 2020. The current Trading Partner Agreement, Provider Authorization, Validator testing, and Information Sheet process remains the same.

What this means to you:

  • If you use a clearinghouse to submit, your clearinghouse will be making changes.

  • A new URL will replace the current IP address.

  • If your software is scripted, your vendor will be making changes.

  • All submitters will be required to enroll in the new platform:

    • Your current submitter ID will stay the same.

    • A new password will be required, which will be sent to you at a later date.

  • Additional details will be provided to you in a future communication.

NOTE: If any of your information has changed (email, vendors, contact info, etc.), please email us at by clicking here to update it as soon as possible. Please include your submitter ID with your inquiry.