About Us


Universal Software Solutions, Inc. was founded on January 1st, 2000 in response to a need in the market for an efficient automated data management solution that would provide operational efficiencies, ease of use, flexibility and scalability.   Located in Davison, Michigan just outside the Detroit metropolitan area, Universal Software Solutions is comprised of talented software professionals specializing in product engineering, software education and customer service.  We serve customers across the United States in the home healthcare markets of Durable Medical Equipment, Home Infusion, Pharmacy and Mail Order distribution.

Universal Software Solutions provides a unique fully integrated practice management solution known as Healthcare Data Management System (HDMS).  The product’s sophisticated claims management tools and its focus on automation is specifically geared toward providers seeking a cost effective solution that both maximizes efficiency and effectiveness while eliminating wasteful processes.   Interoperability across platforms among other information systems is critical to the success of the customer and is driven by the continuous investment into mobile technologies and partner relationships that will provide a complete and robust solution.

What really differentiates Universal Software Solutions is its approach and actions taken with each customer.  From implementation of a solution to assistance provided to each customer as they face new challenges, the organization stands by its products and provides that extra personal touch by being closely involved with its customers.

With Universal Software Solutions, you can Expect More…

Our Values

  • Dependability
A commitment that we make we will always be followed through until it is completed.
  • Integrity
We do what we say and say what we do.
  • Loyalty
Our commitment is to our family, company and our clients.
  • Accountability
We will stand behind the actions and activities that we do.
  • Innovation
Continuously seeking, discovering, understanding and implementing new methods and means to satisfy our mission.
  • Teamwork
The backbone of all success is the continuous and combined effort of all of our employees and the interaction with our clients to achieve the desired results.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance the efficiency, profitability, and effectiveness of each of our clients by the use of technology and our personal, dedicated commitment to their success. We are committed to provide more than what is expected.