HDMS: Healthcare Data Management System

Our HDMS billing management system encompasses a wide range of tools, from Customer Service, Inventory control, to an A/R manager to assist you with claim submission. If you're a supplier dispensing Home IV drugs, the HDMS system can accommodate your needs as well. One of our imaging partners will provide you with a specialized set of imaging tools to scan, store and process all your business documents.

HDMS Mobile

The A/R Manager handles the creation of payer claims, claim submission, and payment posting. It is where many of the customer service activities in HDMS logically flow into.

HDMS Pharmacy

The HDMS Pharmacy provides all the needs for Pharmacy drugs, Home Infusion entry, mixing, compounding, label generations and claims submission.

HDMS Solutions

Explore more about how our software can solve critical issues in your HME business, and help you to save both time and money.

Customer Videos

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