Your Medicare Payments will almost stop for 2 weeks. Be aware!


Be prepared for the CGS HIGLAS transition!

Over the next few weeks, CGS will be transitioning to a new financial accounting system, the Healthcare Integrated General Ledger Accounting System or HIGLAS.  Here’s what you need to know.

  • During the transition period, providers will see a reduction in the payment floor to ZERO DAYS for CGS claims.  This transition period will run from 02/19-02/23 for Jurisdiction B and 02/12-02/16 for Jurisdiction C.  During this time, you can expect to see an increase in payments since you will be receiving them earlier than you usually would expect.


  • For two days following this transition period (02/24-02/25 for Jurisdiction B and 02/17-02/19 for Jurisdiction C), NO PAYMENTS will be issued. 


  • You will likely see a gap in payment activity once normal cycles resume following the transition since previous claims were paid more quickly than usual.

  • Since CGS is clearing the payment floor, and normal processing is 14 days, after they are transitioned you may not see much payment over those 14 days. 


  • There may be interruptions to the IVR, myCGS web portal and online remittance advices during the transition.


  • There will be some visual changes to remittance advices and demand letters following the transition.


  • After transitioning to HIGLAS, when two or more suppliers are affiliated and use the same Tax Identification Number (TIN), payments may automatically be recouped from one provider to collect for their affiliate’s overpayments. 
    • Your company will need to decide whether you’d like to post the recoupment against the claim that actually initiated in or the one that CGS is taking it from in HDMS.
    • Remember that recoupments will hit your autoposting Exceptions list, so if your company wants to post those against the claim that the overpayment was actually created by, you will need to dig into your remittance advices to match up the FCN.