Targeted Probe & Education... well that doesn't sound fun.

A targeted probe & education by CMS, sounds about as fun as a root canal. For many Providers it can be just as painful! However, cited recently in a committee meeting the most common response to TPE when reviewed is actually NO RESPONSE.

While TPE's are something you should be looking to avoid via sound billing practices, you certainly wouldn't want to be receiving TPE Notifications and not even be aware of them.

When the DME MAC's shared that the largest result from TPE's is no response, they encouraged suppliers with multiple sites to reach out and make sure anyone interfacing with the mail knows what to look for.

TPE Notifications are always mailed, but can also be reviewed on your local DME MAC's website. So whether you're receiving and responding to TPE Notification, the website would be a great place to stay in compliance with the timelines associated with these events.

Click below to review a fantastic summary of the TPE Program hosted by us in October 2017, presented by Prochant's resident Medicare Expert, Sharon Briggman. 

Check out the 20 minute mark where Sharon shares examples of what the letter will look like to notify your staff!