Pushing Diabetic Profitability

I had the pleasure of talking to Holly Wagner this month about how simply providing diabetic testing supplies is no longer the key to cash. Once you have those patients, it's all about shining in service. What does service look like in 2020? Technology that is easy and accessible. Holly and I talked in depth about the misconception that smaller HME providers often have, that they cannot compete with the large shops when it comes to technical innovation.

In this article I set the record straight that it may be easier than you think. Companies like ours are heavily investing in relationships with third parties (like McKesson's VerbalCare & Play-it Health) who bring very user friendly apps to the table that empower even small providers to round out their patient care portfolio. There is no shortage of innovation available, but the most innovative providers push for all of these system to work together. Small providers think they are locked out of innovation because they don't have the technology dollars to integrate solutions, but by leaning into your existing software partner- you will be please to find we're already doing the heavy lifting for you!

Check out the full article here: Pushing Diabetes Profitability, Dec 2019 Issue of DME Pharmacy by HME Business


By: Lisa Anderson