Overland Park, KS / June 30, 2014 – A/R Allegiance Group LLC, announced today that new
enhancements are now available for the integration of CollectPlus with the Healthcare Data
Management System (HDMS) offered by Universal Software Solutions.

Automatic and immediate cash posting of any credit card payments made through the CollectPayLIVE payment portal by the patient will be entered directly into HDMS without human interaction. Data entry by operators is no longer required when payments are made through this interface. The account balance will reflect the payment immediately, even during normal business hours. Additionally, the new recurring payment option provides the ability to append all new charges, or if needed, only new Rental charges, to existing payment plans and then charge the patients automatically for those new account balances or recurring charges.

These new features will significantly reduce our clients’ operational expense involved with collecting outstanding patient balances.” says, Christopher Dobiesz, President, Universal Software Solutions, Inc.; “Automatic payment posting and reoccurring charge generation will remove steps from the collection workflow process. Reducing steps in any process results in cost savings. HME providers across the country are driven, more so than ever, to find creative ways to reduce cost for their organization. We continuously are adding new innovations into HDMS that will meet this need that result in
comprehensive solutions for our clients.”

We feel it is extremely important to develop the integration with Universal Software Solution so the private pay billing and collection services provided through the CollectPlus system are seamless and easy to manage through the HDMS solution.” says Bruce Gehring, VP National Business Development, A/R Allegiance Group; “ “We are currently adding additional functionality to the HDMS integration so the user will log directly into the CollectPlus dashboard from the HDMS menu making it even easier to
manage ALL your open private pay A/R in one location.”

To get more information regarding these new features, or to request a demonstration please contact Universal Software Systems at 810-653-5000 or contact Bruce Gerhing directly; e-mail: or call, 913-338-4790 X 202.

About A/R Allegiance Group LLC:
The firm helps companies reduce collection costs through innovative management of the accounts receivable cycle. ARA provides the necessary processes and tools that will greatly reduce the labor by automating the entire billing and collection cycle and differentiates itself from competitors by bringing automation to a manual process; integrating directly with a client’s
patient management system; and automating the business rules criteria for assigning accounts; and bringing technology where it wasn't available before.

About Universal Software Solutions:
Universal Software Solutions, Inc., located in Davison, Michigan, provides a complete, fully integrated practice management solution, called Healthcare Data Management System (HDMS), in the home healthcare markets of; Durable Medical Equipment, Home Infusion, Pharmacy and Mail Order. Providing both premise based and hosted solution options, Universal
Software Solutions, Inc. offerings also include a suite of mobile applications for mobile drivers, technicians, therapists and executive reporting functions.