Can I just show you what's happening?

Have you ever taken your car into a mechanic and tried to describe a noise that your car was making? Hard right? Not the most confident moment you've ever had probably. Conversely, when you head into the shop and say, "The car won't start" the mechanic  will immediate spring into action with black and white answers, "It's either your...".

When you have an unexpected result in our software, it probably feels the same as trying to describe a noise to a mechanic. You are being as helpful as possible and we are asking a lot of questions.

If an error occurs, that's easy. "HDMS won't open and I got this error message." Our mechanics immediately know what to check.

Great News!

Our Customer Hub allows you to capture LIVE VIDEO while you are putting in a ticket!


If you're finding it hard to describe, show us exactly what's happening.


It's easy to do, there are only TWO steps!




          When you are creating a ticket, simply click the "Record Video" button:

We look forward to getting to the crux of your issues faster! You can still make the funny noises if you want to though ;)

-by Lisa Anderson with Sara Tilch