qUick reads: the latest Final Rule translated!

Here's a qUick reads breakout of everything you need to know about the latest final rule!

CMS released a ESRD/DMEPOS Final Rule that relates to Providers all over the country because it is related to competitive bid.

What's Happening?

CBA is going into a gap effective Jan 1st and is expected to last 2 years. This means, no bidding in 2019 AND any supplier with a Medicare number can provide & bill for CBA items and will be paid. Of course, they will be paid at CBA rates (low). Basically, this reverts us back to the days before CBA occurred, but for current low rates. We don't expect a new CBA fee schedule until closer to January.

What Do I Need To Do?

Great news, HDMS is ready. HDMS has an existing table in place (The CBA Table) that has and will continue to support these types of regulations!

Universal will create a new CBA file with updated pricing when it is released by CMS for 2019, and HDMS users would simply import that into their systems as they've been doing for the last 5 years. The only difference will be, if you are a Provider who is deciding to service in all product categories (as is your right) during this gap period, you will simply move all of your Providers into a "contracted" status in the CBA Table in HDMS.

New files & import instructions will be available as they always are once CMS shares the new rates!