Working Women Wednesday!

From the keyboard of Lisa Anderson....


Today, I took advantage of an empty desk in the Support room to work closer to my team for the afternoon. As I sat here working quietly I realized that this is the same room I worked in when I joined Universal over eight years ago. Back then it was me and a bunch of  boys, most of whom are still with our team today and have grown into really awesome developers, managers, and QA analysts. My teammates were loud, honest, and sometimes a little funky smelling!

Today this room happens to be full of 30-something women. I can hear them taking your support tickets and working together quietly to get all of your concerns handled, and I laughed to myself at how different it is. I've enjoyed all of my seasons with Universal, and this one is no different; except it smells a little better. :)

Happy Fall Y'all, and a special shout out to all the Working Women today!


-by Lisa Anderson