Webinar: Eligibility Verification

One-Click Patient Insurance Eligibility empowers customer service representatives with a tool to reduce the time and effort required to provide your patients with products and services that can be properly reimbursed. This replaces endless phone calls to payers and reduces the hours wasted each month waiting for information. Eligibility information is retrieved electronically and displayed on your screen and can automatically update the patient's insurance record. Eligibility checking can be carried out from the insurance page of the HDMS order intake screens (Plan of Service) and from the insurance page in the patient's account summary. CONTENT Please join us on Wednesday, November 18th to learn how Eligibility Verification can reduce the time your staff spends calling, faxing, and searching various payers to verify benefits and to find whether the patient is eligible for DME reimbursement by Medicare. Join Universal Software Solutions and ZirMed to learn how to:

  • Run a real-time Eligibility check within the HDMS system
  • Set up an automated Eligibility check in the HDMS system
  • Access manual eligibility checks through ZirMed's system
  • Navigate through ZirMed to perform the Same or Similar search to verify reimbursement by Medicare

  Join us on Wednesday, November 18th at 2:00pm EST.  

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