Updated certification adds Compounds and Allergy Info to HDMS eScript services.

Universal Software Solutions, Inc. (Universal), announces today that their solution Healthcare Data Management System (HDMS) is certified by Surescripts™ for E-Prescribing and Directories, allowing users to receive compound drug prescriptions and allergy information, and submit prescription change requests. The software vendor’s champion solution, HDMS, completed rigorous testing in October to achieve certification prior to the January 1, 2020 deadline for the new National Council for Prescription Drug Programs’ (NCPDP) SCRIPT standard v2017071.

Providers of post-acute healthcare services like home infusion, single and compound drugs, and TPN send and receive new electronic prescriptions directly from referral sources into HDMS. Inside the HDMS system pharmacy users can also initiate and receive prescription renewal requests, as well as prescription change requests.

One HDMS Trainer, Danielle Crane, joined Universal after working for the area’s top Specialty Pharmacy for years. About the latest certification news Crane comments,

“The advantage that integrations to the Surescripts network gives HDMS as compared to software running in other Specialty and Retail Pharmacies is that the prescription drops into our client’s primary software tool. Pharmacy Techs or Customer Reps do not have to view prescriptions from a separate eScript portal then manually import or key it into the software where they are pursuing adjudication and filling orders. Not only does it save time, it closes the gap for human error in a big way.”

Universal has been a technology partner with Surescripts since 2018. Surescripts’ purpose is to serve the nation with the single most trusted and capable health information network. Since 2001, Surescripts has led the movement to turn health data into actionable intelligence to increase patient safety, lower costs and ensure quality care.

“The new NCPDP SCRIPT standard is designed to improve efficiency, accuracy and patient safety,” said Tara Dragert, vice president of Product Innovation, Surescripts. “Working together with Universal Software Solutions and others, we’re helping the entire healthcare industry migrate to the new standard and realize the full potential of electronic prescribing by providing new technologies and tools, new business processes, and implementation guides.”

The Surescripts certified version of HDMS v3.2 is available now for download. For more information on HDMS, StowPoint, or Universal Software Solutions, Inc. contact Universal at (810) 653-5000 x 2.

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