Update for Blue Cross of Michigan Oxygen Overpayments

Mary Ellen Spradlin, President of Health Care Reimbursement Solutions, Inc  has recently been in touch with Blue Cross of Michigan regarding reprocessing of oxygen claims. She goes on to write and provides an update to this situation.  

Blue Cross of Michigan Oxygen Overpayments

  As many of you recall, you thought you had a Christmas present from BCBS as they reprocessed Oxygen claims that had been incorrectly underpaid. Unfortunately their system did not reprocess these claims correctly and you received large overpayments. Blue Cross of Michigan At the time, we  were expressed to hold onto the cash as eventually they would want it back. As you know, I had been working very closely with multiple BCBS employees. Finally this week we have received word that BCBS is submitting letters to the providers that were affected. The letter briefly describes the problem and then gives you 30 days to return the money to BCBS. They are unable to withhold this from your future payments. The letter will also list each patient and the dollar amount for the overpayment. I would expect that you will match these amounts to your overpayments and that they should match. At this point, if they do not or you disagree, I would suggest contacting Larry Mackezyk—the signer on the letter. I would also most likely recommend you get in touch with your field representative as well.   Mary Ellen Spradlin President Health Care Reimbursement Solutions, Inc.