Universal's Patient Workspace in HDMS

Davison, Michigan – November 2018
Universal Software Solutions, Inc. (Universal), a long-standing leader in complete operational software made for post-acute Healthcare Providers, unveils their new patient management tool.

Patient WorkSpace, which is housed inside of Universal’s HDMS product, is a huge leap in realizing interoperability for on-the-ground software users. This improvement to HDMS allows healthcare providers to access information as quickly as real-life service demands. Unlike its predecessor ‘New Patient’ in HDMS, Patient WorkSpace provides total transparency to not only patient demographics, but medical documentation and order history from one screen.

“The Patient Workspace provides a unified, single and simple entry point into all the facts and details of any patient.  A user can access everything quickly with an easy to use graphical interface and perform all their duties without jumping in and out of different applications.”, says Christopher Dobiesz, President of Universal Software Solutions.  

Patient WorkSpace displays a recent action list that reveals the last twenty patient accounts the operator has worked on, providing the flexibility to focus on one patient at a time while moving multiple patients through different stages of service. In addition to demographics, Patient WorkSpace displays active and past orders, active equipment information, a complete financial detail, and all medical documentation for the selected patient in one screen. Users of the reimagined tool will be able to identify information quicker, while also lowering the burden of multi-screen training for their employer.

Christopher further adds, “Patient Workspace, along with the other companion applications recently released, are only the first step.   Right now, we have a number of innovations in development that will greatly exceed expectations in the very near future.”

Patient Workspace is available in HDMS v3.21 as of Sept 2018
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