Universal Software HDMS integrates with Ability Network (formerly VisionShare)

As most DME users are aware of, Medicare CEDI will be discontinuing the dial-up modem service for claim submissions. Providers will need to submit their electronic claims through one of the six network service vendors, or an affiliated clearinghouse. Universal has selected Ability Network (formerly VisionShare) as an integration partner for transmission of Medicare claims, remittances, eligibility, and status inquiries (same and similar). Providers who purchase the annual Ability license certificate can transmit and receive claim data directly through the HDMS software just as they did previously using the dial-up modem process. Some providers, who are using ZirMed as their commercial claims clearinghouse, are simply switching to their services for claims, remits, and eligibility. ZirMed is a USSI Preferred Partner, and offers some additional tools to assist the billing department of your company. For more information, contact Pete with our Client Services department at (810) 653-5000.