USS Introduces the HDMS License Manager

USS introduces the HDMS License Manager

Beginning with HDMS version 3.7 (scheduled for a June, 2013 release) the HDMS License Manager will be required. The License Manager will handle the managing and distributing of HDMS client licenses to HDMS users more efficiently. The HDMS License Manager is REQUIRED to be running prior to updating to HDMS version 3.7 HDMS version 3.7 (and beyond) will NOT function if it cannot get a connection to the HDMS License Manager. The License Manager can be installed on any existing HDMS application server, database server or any other stand-alone PC. The License Manager can be installed today and will not interfere with any existing HDMS installation. Be prepared. Download and install the HDMS License Manager today. The download files, with complete installation instructions, can be found under the 'HDMS Version Updates, Patches and Release Notes' category on the Universal Software Solutions forum.