USS Academy Webinar Kickoff

USS Academy Banner Small We are happy to announce our introduction to the USS Academy has been a success.  We would like to thank everyone who attended USS Academy kickoff webinar.  We appreciated all the questions and request for more information.  We will be holding another webinar on June 14th at 11 am for those who couldn't attend our kickoff webinar. “USS Academy helps us quickly train new team members on the HDMS system. We love the format of the classes, the testing component, and the management dashboard that allows us to see training statuses for each of our users,” said Joey Graham, VP of Operations, Prometheus Group. Imagine taking training on your own time where you can learn at your own pace! Universal Software Solutions has created USS Academy, a web-based portal that offers clients access to comprehensive training courses to take new users from beginner to expert and reinforce core concepts for existing pros.  It provides the destination for ongoing and advanced learning of our HDMS products and integrated solutions. This web-based learning center offers the opportunity for all employees to continue learning features of our software products, enhance their knowledge and to further functionality that may not be implemented within your organization.  It was apparent basic field by field explanations leave too large a knowledge gap for busy professionals who were already struggling to keep up with complex compliance and reimbursement demands. Our fresh approach to training leaves users with the feeling you have a live trainer inside each workstation, on demand when you need it.  You will immerse a beginner and emerge an expert! To view a short demo about USS Academy, click here. To register for the webinar on June 14th at 11am, click here.Webinar Invite v4