Universal Software Solutions announced today further integration with COLLECTPlus and the Healthcare Data Management System (HDMS).

Davison, MI, February 26, 2015

Universal Software Solutions continues to endorse COLLECTPlus as the billing and collections solution for Healthcare Data Management System (HDMS) users. Powered by A/R Allegiance Group©, LLC (ARA), the integration of the COLLECTPlus program fully automates all aspects of
successful billing and collections.

“Based on HDMS users’ needs, we continue to enhance the integration of COLLECTPlus because we feel it offers the most comprehensive solution for our clients,” says Christopher Dobiesz, President, Universal Software Solutions, Inc. “The integration now includes features such as dashboard sign-on, an enhanced statement design, and auto posting payments – all are available to HDMS users at no additional cost.”

“COLLECTPlus includes every conceivable task related to billing and collections, combining them into one single-sourced dashboard. This completely automated process is transparent, highlighting where, when, and how your money is being collected … and at what cost,” says Keith Lilek, CEO, A/R Allegiance Group. “We continually add new innovations into COLLECTPlus, resulting in a fully customizable, comprehensive automated billing and collections solution that meets the ever changing needs of the industry.”

To get more information regarding the integration or to request a demonstration, please contact Universal Software Solutions at 810-653-5000 or contact Bruce Gehring directly at or call 913-338-4790 ext. 202.

About Universal Software Solutions:
Universal Software Solutions, Inc., located in Davison, Michigan, provides a complete, fully integrated practice management solution, called Healthcare Data Management System (HDMS), in the home healthcare markets of;
Durable Medical Equipment, Home Infusion, Pharmacy and Mail Order. Providing both premise based and hosted solution options, Universal Software Solutions, Inc. offerings also include a suite of mobile applications for mobile drivers, technicians, therapists, warehousing, and executive reporting functions.

About A/R Allegiance Group, LLC:
The firm helps companies reduce collection costs through innovative management of the accounts receivable cycle without going directly to collection agencies for solutions. ARA’s COLLECTPlus greatly reduces labor by automating the entire billing and collection cycle and differentiates itself from competitors by bringing that automation to a manual process; integrating directly with a client’s patient management system.