TAG You're it! Say goodbye to email TAG now!

Last year 92% of the support tickets you and your peers of HDMS Nation opened had THIS in common...

We needed more information in order to help you!

With with addition of Universal's new Customer Hub, you will benefit from less back and forth when looking for information or reporting an issue!

Once you've logged in, simply click SUBMIT A TICKET. There, depending on the reason you select for starting the ticket you will be guided through a few basic questions.

The Customer Hub ticket entry will also allow you to:

  • Show us what's going on with live video capture of your screen!
  • Provide those large files that we would have just requested in the next email ;)
  • Attach screenshots for your system that may have a patient's protected health information in them

Once you've submitted a ticket,  you will receive an automated email and most importantly so will our team!

Receive automatic updates whenever your ticket changes status here at Universal, or when our team is trying to communicate with you.

Simply reply back to those emails and your correspondence will be automatically captured into the ticket history, so that you or anyone at your organization can refer back to it for troubleshooting in the future!


Change in staff? No problem! Log into Customer Hub and click on Tickets to view all OPEN and Closed tickets for your organization. Find an open one you'd like to receive notification on? Simply add your name to the list!


Of course if you run into a question at any time, click on the chat icon and ask our Support Reps who are available to help you from 8am to 6pm!