Stop. Printing. Claims.

One of the first big bridges built between vendors & providers in our market was the EDI Gateway. Although the code structure has evolved over the years to exchange even more information and trade more communication files, the EDI Gateway continues to be one of the most reliable pieces of the HME Market.

If you haven't heard of Waystar's services (formerly Zirmed), then I assume your business just started last week! As someone who was a user of Zirmed services before I came over to the software support side of the market I can honestly attest to how powerful their tools are.

Asking for a friend, why are you still printing paper claims?


When I visited Waystar's site this morning I noted that their current Professional Claims payer count is 4726! Surely, they can help if you are still printing claims.

Check out all the amazing tools they have waiting for you here, and be sure to come visit their team at our Users Conference next week if you're in Grand Rapids!