Revised**Mark Your Calendars!! Medicare Changes

June 30 written on a calendar to remind you an important appointment.

Mark Your Calendars!!

Attention: CAPARIO & ZIRMED users Re: Medicare Contractor changes in HDMS Payer Table Action Needed on :  6/30/16 Revised: If you transmit Medicare claims through a clearinghouse like Capario or Zirmed, you may not need to take any action on June 30th. This may be true for any clearinghouse being used for your Medicare claims process where you have already done payer mapping. Here’s how to check: in your Payer Table entry for Medicare Region B, navigate to the EDI Tab. If the value in the “Payer Plan ID” field is ANYTHING other than “17003” you DO NOT need to make any changes in June. We have found that many clearinghouses use other payer plan indicates like “MEDB” and will account for any change in the processing at the clearinghouse level for you! Thank you! Click here to view the updated instructions to make the changes in HDMS.