QuickRead: changes in announced 2021 Competitive Bidding


CMS announced the 2021 DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Program will resume. Here's a quick breakdown of the "changes" they outline in the article posted at CBIC that you can find here.

  • "Round 2021" will be a combo of Round 2 Recompete and Round 1 2017 dme, p&o, supplies
  • Contracts awarded will be effective 2021 through 2023
  • Bidding registration & bid window opens June 2019
  • Product categories are shifting a little and getting broken up into smaller groups so they can apply "lead pricing" methodology. More about that below. Categories will be:
    • commode chairs
    • CPAPs and RADs
    • Enteral
    • Beds
    • Nebs
    • Neg Pressure Wound Pumps
    • Non-Invasive Vents
    • OTS Back Braces
    • OTS Knee Braces
    • Oxygen & O2 Equip
    • Patient Lifts & Seat lifts
    • Standard Manual Wheelchairs
    • Standard Power Mobility Devices
    • Support Surfaces (groups 1&2)
    • TENS
    • Walkers
  • Mail Order for Diabetic Testing Supplies is NOT included in Round 2021
  • Lead Item Pricing: this means you will bid for ONE lead item within each category. They will pick the winning bid amount and use that to establish the pricing for the rest of the category (they call these single payment amounts or SPA)


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