Partner Zirmed’s makeover continues!

Very excited to watch was this merger progresses for our Partner Zirmed with Navicure to form Waystar. Two power houses taking the best of each of their business to create one superpower. Put Waystar into your vocabulary, because it’s revolutionizing the EDI Clearinghouse market!     Dear Valued Clients,   Navicure and ZirMed combined several months ago to become Waystar. As part of our integration, Waystar is consolidating the, and websites to one single website— Effective Monday, July 23, is where you can continue to log into either Navicure or ZirMed applications or find other content related to the Navicure or ZirMed solutions. If you utilize website bookmarks, please change your or bookmark to You will find the login tab for both Navicure and ZirMed applications at the top of the homepage. Login pages for both Navicure and ZirMed will remain the same if you bypass the websites to login. On or after Monday, July 23, you will be redirected to anytime you visit either or Rest assured, the combined website will continue to offer the educational resources we have provided our clients on and, as well as new resources and industry information to help your revenue cycle management efforts.   Should you have any questions, please contact your Client Success team:   Navicure: 770-342-0800 ZirMed: 877-494-7633 Laura Bridge & Ken Edwards Waystar | Vice President of Client Success