Participate in local policy recommendation related to Coronavirus!

National association AAHomecare has released an update on policy recommendations being made to major commercial payers to help HME suppliers better serve patients and ease burdens on hospitals during the COVID-19 Emergency. 

Among the 18 recommendations, these noteworthy comments are included:

  • Maintaining a normal schedule for claims processing. 
  • Providing coverage for short term oxygen for beneficiaries with acute conditions to ease hospital overflow issues. 
  • Allowing for coverage & reimbursement of equipment, supplies, and services provided to patients with a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis. 
  • Waiving all prior auth & re-auth requirements for all DMEPOS items & repairs. 


More than 150 HME companies & stakeholders have signed on. If you are interested in sending the letter to commercial carriers in your service area, the letter is available below for print or download. 

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