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Yesterday in HME Business, editor David Kopf shared, "The compression market offers lots of potential, and it’s one in which DME pharmacies can easily tap into." The article posted online yesterday to HME Business indicates there is a clear market opportunity and we think that turning compression into a profit center for your business may be easier than you think. 


Don't have staff that are trained to fit/measure for compression?

All compression manufacturers will certify your staff for free. For the most common type of compression therapy, used for edema or swelling, it's best to measure customers in the morning; making it easy to set up appointment times for customers to return for measurement. 


Worried about not having time to add another product line?

Take advantage of the automation factor by implementing a Patient Outreach campaign that is integrated with HDMS. This integration will call or text patients based on the date of their last supply, and ask if they would like another order. After the first sale where correct size & strength is established, a Patient Outreach automated campaign will make resupply hands free. 


Don't have the space for stock?

By leveraging our existing connection to popular compression stocking vendors like BSN/ESSITY (Jobst Stockings) you can keep a low volume of product in your store and simply create a plan of service to ship product directly to the patient. VendorLink service will make the connect to the vendor, send product directly to your patient, and send back tracking & shipment confirmation, automatically confirming the work order. From order to claim, without any of your staff's manpower. 


Don't often bill Medical Benefits?

If you're a Pharmacy Provider that is traditionally performing NCPDP adjudication in HDMS, i'm happy to tell you the process will feel oddly similar. Leveraging New Intake Order allows you to process both drug products as well as HME products. Only providing stockings through the medical benefit? Our Plan of Service screen is the foundation of the Pharmacy New Intake Order, and therefore you staff will only notice a different on the prescription screen. Professional claims gathered and billing in batches from our EDI Processing screen can be scheduled and will transmit automatically, removing your staff from the process of having to learn the screens. 


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