Medtrade Spring, March 30 – April 1, 2015 - Universal Software Solutions – Booth 555.
Universal Software Solutions is ready for discussions with healthcare providers who are looking to become more efficient within Team At Work At Officetheir organization and findings ways to do more with less. We have an exciting success record with many providers who have replaced their previous operational software with the strong and robust solution we are able to provide with our HDMS solution. Over the last few years, many software companies have gone out of business or have been sold unexpectedly, leaving many providers who used their application feeling stranded or forced into switching to a product they don’t want. If you are one of these providers in this situation, we encourage you to look at other alternatives. We may not be the right match for your organization and in many cases we are definitely not the right solution for you, but you do owe it to yourself and your company to fully explore the options available and ask as many questions possible. Visitors passing by stands at exhibitionWe encourage you to take a few minutes and stop by Booth 555 this year at Medtrade Spring. This year at the show we have a group of individuals that will talk intelligently and in-depth about your current situation, your needs and the exact details of what would be involved with making any type of switch within your company. No one should ever tell you that a migration off your existing platform, will be fast, simple and without any work, by simply purchasing their software. That will not be anything that we will say! We will outline and describe to you exactly what is involved, the challenges you will face, but most importantly, how we will be there to help make the switch in the most efficient and effective way. Attending Medtrade Spring this year will be Carmen Vasquez, Dave Golen, Vice President & Christopher Dobiesz, President/CEO of Universal Software Solutions, Inc. HDMS has been the practice management system selected by many home healthcare providers across the country. From a complete turnkey solution for providers who are seeking to completely replace their existing DME Billing system to our robust API that allows for a unique and powerful integration, HDMS has far exceeded expectations. HDMS may also be provided in both the traditional premise installation at your office or be hosting as a cloud solution.