Medicare Minute ep. 8 Fee Schedules are Here!

At long last, all of the fee schedules you need are available. Here's the scoop:


Cloud Client? all of the files below have been placed on your cloud desktop, so that you can start your import process!


Rural & CBA Rates

CMS has released this regularly scheduled file, and we have compiled them into the usual HDMS CBA format for you to import into your CBA Table. If you are a contracted Provider, or are accepting Medicare patients inside a rural or competitive bid area you should be updating your CBA table with these rates.

Different from regular allowables, the CBA files will include zip codes & product categories that correlate with our CBA table for you to manage contracts. 

If you have never loaded these rates before, take a quick peek at our WIKI by searching for "Competitive Bid Areas" and stepping through our explainer of the table. 

Have more questions? Create a ticket or Chat to one of our Support Agents. 


Ready to grab the files? Search 'CBA April 2020' or enter 69036 into your Customer Hub search bar


CARES Act Increased Allowable Rates

In response to the Public Health Emergency, the federal government passed the CARES Act which among other things enabled CMS to increase reimbursement rates. CMS has released their regularly scheduled 2nd Quarter Allowables, AND the increased CARES Act Allowables. We have heard from you that you are receiving increased payment amounts, so we have compiled the CARES Act rates into a format that you can import using the standard HDMS Allowable Import process. 

When the public health emergency is lifted and reimbursement returns to normal, if we are still in Q2 we will publish the regular Q2 Allowables in HDMS format. 

Ready to grab the files? Search 'Medicare Fee Schedule' or enter 69034 into your Customer Hub search bar