Medical Specialties Distributors joins VendorLink service

We are pleased to announce that Medical Specialties Distributors (MSD) has joined the list of vendors accessible through our Vendorlink service.  Located in Stoughton, Massachusetts, MSD is a national distribution and logistics provider with multiple product lines including Enteral, Respiratory, Home Infusion and Specialty Pharmacy with seven distribution centers located throughout the states. Other national vendors already connected and certified through our VendorLink service include:MSD


Independence Medical


VGM Group

J&B Medical

If you are already setup with one or more of these vendors above, making the connection to MSD is easy.  If you are interested, please contact our Sales department for more information. About Vendorlink: VendorLink streamlines the ordering process by electronically transmitting orders to vendors who will complete the dropship delivery from distribution centers around the country and provide electronic shipping notifications to confirm the order was filled.  The integrated automated process built into HDMS removes the manual task of a phone call, faxing or the duplicated data entry involved with using an online ordering website.  Work Order information directly from HDMS are electronically transmitted through the Vendorlink service to the vendor.  Upon receiving a shipping confirmation that the patient has received the products, Vendorlink will automatically confirm the order as being completed, releasing it into billing, without operator involvement in the confirmation process. Vendorlink