HDMS v3.22 in bloom!

With the world in it's annual change from gray to green, HDMS continues to bloom with the spring release v3.22

Join us Thursday, April 4th @ 3PM EST, 2PM CST, 12PM PST to look with fresh eyes at features like:

  • NEW Unbillable Revenue Center: trade in the Unbilled Report for a new paperless workspace that reveals ALL of a claims unbillable reasons at once. Mark claims as "resolved" after you've worked them to get the satisfaction of a shrinking list!


  • REDESIGNED EDI Processing Center: Enjoy the modern amenities of a new screen that combines sending & receiving, working exceptions electronically, and transmit multiple batches without tying up a workstation!


  • REDESIGNED Produce Medical Docs: visit the re-imaged "print/reprint/batch cmns" screen to experience all of the enhancements submitted by your peers of HDMS Nation!

...AND SO MUCH MORE! Visit our events page to register!