HDMS News: NEW Enhancement Request Portal

HDMS News: NEW Enhancement Request Portal To improve how enhancement requests are received and handled, we have released our new Enhancement Request Portal through our website. What this new portal allows for is easy, detailed entry of enhancement requests and direct feedback from USS on those submitted requests. Each quarter, the USS Enhancement Committee reviews each enhancement request and submits feedback to the client on whether the request can be accommodated and if accepted, details on the next steps to be taken. How do we define “Enhancement”? An Enhancement is defined as new functionality to one of the USSI Products, or an alteration to functionality that is not mandated by a Payer or Governing Body. What are the top 3 benefits to Web Based Enhancement Submission? 1. Guided process of submitting new ideas with the details we need to fully understand the scope of the request 2. Instant status tracking of these submissions 3. Efficient prevention of duplicate entries by multiple users at your organization When will Enhancements be considered and implemented? Enhancement Requests will be reviewed and considered on a quarterly basis and assigned a revised status, which your organization will receive email notification of and also be able to view on the Client Support site. If you have submitted enhancements to our Support Team previously, you will receive more information by direct email soon, so that you can take action to move these requests forward. Posted by Matt Golen,, 810-653-5000, X310