Best Practices: Overcoming Documentation Challenges, Collection of Co-pays – WAMES

Best Practices: Overcoming Documentation Challenges, Collection of Co-pays – WAMES, September 16-18, 2013.

This year at the WAMES conference, September 16-18th 2013 – Universal Software Solutions, Inc. is proud to the sponsor of Chris Calderone, MA, MBA from Lean Homecare Consulting Group, LLC.     If you are looking to be more productive with less costs, do more revenue with reduced resources, you need to attend his event. Wames

Session 1:


Overcoming  Documentation Challenges: A Best Practice Review of Tips, Techniques, and Successes

Are you struggling with meeting all of the documentation and information requirements? Do your team members confront daily barriers as they try to gather documentation from referrals and physicians? This session will provide you and your team with essential tips (and tools) that you can use to improve your documentation gathering practices.

Key Learning Points:

· Learn what works and what doesn’t (tracking, monitoring, and gathering practices) · You’ll receive hard-hitting takeaways that you can put to use immediately · You’ll learn how to use key words at key times that can improve cooperation and compliance from physicians and referrals · You’ll Learn how to leverage the patient in the information gathering process · You’ll have access to examples of tools that other providers have used to help ensure documentation success  

Session 2:


Tips for Collecting Co-pays

This program will provide attendees with hard-hitting takeaways and best practice techniques for successfully collecting co-pays. This session will also provide examples of how Providers can leverage technology in order to optimize their co-pay collection practices.

Key Learning Points:

• Techniques on how to positively influence patient behavior that results in successful collections. • Challenges to successful co-pay collections and how to overcome them. • Best practice examples of successful co-payment collection approaches. • The importance of having a standardized process for effective co-pay collections. • Smart workflow techniques that can help ensure effective co-pay collection results. • The Do’s and Don’ts of co-pay collection practices.  

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