2019 Session Details

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Sessions  held on Tuesday Sept. 10th & Wednesday Sept. 11th



Featured Workshop: Durable Medical Equipment Specialist certification!

The Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC) is conducting a program that will allow you to become a Certified Durable Medical Equipment Specialist (CDME).

What does this certification say about me as a professional?

A CDME is highly valued as an assurance to patients of quality care and to employers of dedication and professionalism. This certification demonstrates a broad knowledge of the DME field, including prescription verification, intake process, product selection, dispensing and setup, documentation, billing, compliance, and performance management. The program includes a one-day workshop, followed by the CDME exam.

Who should get certified? Customer Service reps, Delivery Techs, Call Center Specialists, Patient Care Coordinators,  and Retail Specialists from all levels of experience! Pre-requisites for CDME are a high school diploma and 500 hours of experience in the DME industry.

Why should I make this investment?

CDME is not offered online. If you & your staff do not attend Medtrade, this is your best value. $150 to attend the Universal Users Conference for two days, + $100 (20% OFF!) paid directly to BOC for workshop & certifying exam.


OR register for the exam directly with BOC here!



Call for Presenters & Panelists

We are looking for clients to join our sessions to share your real life experience as it relates to all areas of our HDMS software. If you are interested in joining a panel or hosting a session please contact Lisa Anderson at academy@universalss.com or call  (810) 653-5000 x 334. 



Session List

Here's a list of topics we are working on. Please check back often as these courses are continuously evolving!


Improving the Patient Care Experience: learn how to deliver whole picture information to your patients in less time with Patient Workspace, and connect their account with automated reorder services and online bill pay.

Features HDMS Patient WorkSpace, HDMS Outreach Services, and COLLECTPlus Integration.


Hands Off Profit: if your organization has not been looking for ways to minimize manual processes, it's time to start. In this session we will show you how to create start to finish hands off profit; from Service to Revenue. 

Features HDMS Outreach Services, VendorLink & Dropship Vendors, auto-confirmation, the new EDI center, and autoposting. 


Empower Freedom Through Reporting: learn how to build your own custom reports using datasets and the Ad Hoc Report Builder. Help build a plan for your team leads and users make this information feel accessible, and unleash them to build their own custom reports in a safe environment that won't affect production! Tech Challenged Lisa Anderson says, "It's not as scary as it looks, I promise anyone can learn this!" 

Features HDMS Ad Hoc Report Builder and HDMS Reporting Foundation


Closing Communication Gaps in Patient Pay: join our Partner and Sponsor Allegiance Group to take advantage of modern private pay collections. We will talk about how to customize your integration so that you don't compromise your standard of care, and turn the COLLECTPlus team into an extension of your business. Learn about the lifecycle of collection, as well as how to walk along side this process in HDMS. 


Unbillable Revenue Center: Moving away from having to rely on a report to review unbillable revenue in HDMS, the Unbillable Revenue Center will serve as a working grid and dashboard where multiple users can resolve unbillable revenue. Join us to learn how to revamp your unbillable resolution process, and cure unbillable causes!

Features new HDMS Unbillable Revenue Center


Give up the Ghost: Stop spending hours on your input report! Dig into the newly renovated EDI processing center of HDMS and learn how to give up correcting claims before they are transmitted! We will identify and resolve your common corrections and step through concise claims gathering and transmission process. 

Features new HDMS EDI processing center


Modern Content Management: Join us for a look at a content management solution that can store scanned images, video telehealth consultations, recorded audio calls, and many other file formats in one easy to use home! Review how many areas of your business can work in one solution, and even redact or edit files as they are stored!

Features StowPoint