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Hands Free Profit: explore how your business can capture orders, ship product, confirm revenue, transmit claims, received & post payment, & monitor outcomes without ANY human manpower!  Sound impossible? Join us not only to step through the process, but to build a tools list as well as learn where the decision points are for your business to implement the complete solution.

After attending this session, attendees should be able to:

  • begin internal review of areas that can be automated

Session will Feature: HDMS Outreach Services, VendorLink & Dropship Vendors, auto-confirmation, new EDI Processing tools, Autoposting, and scheduled Custom Reports.


Freedom in Reporting: standard HDMS Reports have been around for two decades, and your business needs are not always STANDARD. Not a techie? If you can use any part of HDMS, you can create your own custom reports. Join us for a friendly atmosphere, to be surprised by how much you do KNOW, that you aren't giving yourself credit for! This session will walk you through the basic features of building your own custom report, or simply reviewing your own custom data query, as well as some excel brush up for those of us who haven't been to a computer class in a while! I promise, it's not as scary as you think!

After attending this session, attendees should be able to:

  • build a basic custom report or query
  • modify custom or standard reports in excel to count instances, summarize dollar amounts, & create averages.

Session will Feature: HDMS Ad Hoc Report Builder and Microsoft Excel


Closing Communication Gaps in Patient Pay: join our Partner & Sponsor Allegiance Group to take advantage of modern private pay collections. We will talk about how to customize your integration so that you don't compromise your standard of care, and turn the COLLECTPlus team into an extension of your business. Learn about the life cycle of collection, as well as how to walk along side this process in HDMS. 

Users Conference 2019 Sessions - Universal Software Solutions - AG_sponsorAfter attending this session, attendees should be able to:

  • determine whether outsourced patient collections is right for your business

  • understand the features available to integration this process with HDMS

Session will Feature: HDMS & COLLECTPlus Software


Unbillable No More! Learn how to use the new Unbillable Revenue Center to create a paperless basecamp where costly unbillable revenue is resolved. In this session we will review the easiest ways to shore up the breakdowns that create unbillable revenue and clog the gears!

After attending this session, attendees should be able to:

  • use basic features of Unbillable Revenue Center
  • understand how to troubleshoot large system causes for unbillable reasons
  • understand how to resolve individual unbillable reasons

Session will Feature: Unbillable Revenue Center, Patient WorkSpace, Existing Order, Claim Maintenace


Modern Content Management: Join us for a look at a content management solution that can store scanned images, video, telehealth consultations, recorded audio calls, and many other file formats in one easy to use home! Review how many areas of your business can work in one solution, and even redact or edit files as they are stored!

Users Conference 2019 Sessions - Universal Software Solutions - h1-stowpoint-iconAfter attending this session, attendees should be able to:

  • understand StowPoint tools
  • understand the different areas of business StowPoint can manage
  • understand how to do basic functions in StowPoint

Session will Feature: StowPoint!


McKesson Makes It Easy. If you are dropshipping through VendorLink with McKesson as your preferred vendor, you may not know about all of the free features available to you in HDMS. Join Universal & McKesson staff to look at features like Automated Price Updates, Proof of Delivery, Same Day Shipping, & Patient Notification!

Users Conference 2019 Sessions - Universal Software Solutions - MCK_sponsorAfter attending this session, attendees should be able to:

  • know how all HDMS & McKesson integrations work
  • know who to contact to turn on these free services

Session will Feature: HDMS



Money In, Money Out: EDI Processing in HDMS has recently received a facelift, and so should your processes! Join us for a case study with special guest Airway Oxygen to look at where you can take the burden off of the back end office, and put the ownership on the front end while they are hands on with the answers!

Review all of the new settings and breathe new life and new automation into this area of your business.

After attending this session, attendees should be able to:

  • build claims gather jobs that do not need to be reviewed, deleted, & regathered daily
  • have a new process for working exceptions
  • have an automatic claims transmission process
  • close information gaps using product master questions & functional indicators

Session will Feature: EDI Processing, Product Master Questions


Routing & Staging: get to know the new Route Planner tool, and how to transition to this feature from Daily Route Sheets. Enjoy routes that practically build themselves with Delivery Zones, all while leveraging the set up time calculator. While you're here, let's dive into whether or not staging through HDMS is right for your workflow!

After attending this session, attendees should be able to:

  • create routes for delivery
  • print route sheets & work orders
  • create a workflow that includes staging
  • where non-logistics users should troubleshoot orders

Session will Feature: Route Planner, Work Order Insight, Staging


Managing your HME Back-Office Operations: this session will explore, in depth, some best practices associated with managing you back-office operational teams. These teams generally include order confirmation, billing, collections, and cash posting. Topics we will discuss include: workflow, technology tools, incentives, and metrics.

How do you get maximum production & quality from your team while keeping the individuals engaged and ensuring continual growth and development of your team?

After attending this session, attendees should be able to:

  • have new tips for assessing back office staff
  • have new ideas about incentives and engagement


Improve the Patient Care Experience: competing with an online giant means your business must deliver exceptional customer care. Attend this session to learn how to create a more cohesive patient experience with your existing tools, how to prevent patient disengagement, & why you need to take an honest temperature check.

After attending this session, attendees should be able to:

  • identify challenges that may break the fluidity of the customer experience
  •  tools & techniques retain patients
  • what secret shopping reveals about their business

Session will Feature: HDMS companion services


Why should they care about you? Take a master class in modern marketing realities that will change the way you think about your message to patients.



Effortless HDMS On-Boarding: running your teams short staffed while you look for new talent is a challenge that many of us face. When you find the right person, without a plan it will be your already taxed team that will bear the burden of on-boarding. Let us show you how to take some of the work out of on-boarding a new HDMS user!

After attending this session, attendees should be able to:

  • assess their existing plan for on-boarding a new HDMS user/create a new plan
  • utilize free resources & encourage team to build job tools
  • understand what's available NOW! for video training

Session will Feature: Customer Hub, USS Academy


Keeping up with the Jones' Inventory: join us to hear what your peers are doing, the most commonly asked questions about HDMS inventory, and new options for physical inventory counts!

After attending this session, attendees should be able to:

  • assess whether the most popular inventory features will work for your process
  • understand common practices
  • identify resources
  • understand physical inventory count options

Session will Feature: Physical Counts & Adjs, Mobile Inventory, Adjustments, Auto Gen PO, Bins & Order Levels