Your Automated Electronic Connection to Vendors

Universal’s VendorLink software provides an electronic connection between you and the vendors who drop ship products to your patients.

This automated connection removes the manual task of phone or online ordering each time your patient orders products that you choose not to physically deliver but will be delivered faster to the patient if it came directly from the distributor or manufacturer.

How it Works

VendorLink directly connects into your HDMS software. Your CSR selects the items you will provide to the patient. Once the workorder has been released for delivery items defined for drop shipment are electronically sent to the vendor. The shipment tracking information is electronically returned indicating delivery confirmation. The items shipped are submitted for billing.

Helping You to Continue Serving Patients

With this process you can keep your handling and warehousing costs to a minimum. You can continue to fully service your patient population under the currently reduced reimbursement rates.